The Squirrel Fur Chronicle

Look who just bought a new present at CVS!

Let’s see… I plug it in here… move this there… Note the appropos porch setting for that perfect ghetto shave.


One last shot of the old hair with all of the distinguished grays.

This is the “No Going Back” look.

Wait a minute… These plastic things leave the hair longer? Ooooohhhh….

In awe at all of the gray hair at my feet.

No matter how gung-ho you are at taking your hair before the chemo does, there can be an occasional weak moment.

“Oh, to have hair again…”

Maybe it will look better if I strike a stern pose.

And here we are, none the worse for wear.

The front…

The side.

You know how you always get a little bit of hair in your shirt when you get a haircut? Imagine that times a billion.

I do apologize for the shock of the pale flabby flesh, but DAMN that shirt itches!

Oh, and you can also see the dire wound that required visiting nurses to come and check on me. Whatevah.