Privacy Policy

Your personal information is your own and should stay that way. I’ll only ask for the things I need to help you out. If you’re ordering a t-shirt, that means your shipping address, email address, credit card info and possibly a phone number in case of an emergency I can’t imagine at this point.

None of this information will be sold to third parties. Your financial info will be given to those folks over at Paypal, but they have strict privacy policies in place too. Be sure and check them out if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with this whole “buying things on the internet” thing.

There’s one other aspect of personal information that behaves a little differently on this site: Stories. Your personal experiences are what drive and inpire us here at Cancer is My Bitch and all of the people who visit the site. I have certain email addresses set up specifically for people to send in their stories and links to their blogs. If you don’t want the world to know all about your battle with cancer, that’s perfectly fine. If you don’t want the world to know, but would like to share your story with my wife and me, I have one specific address set up for you. By sending your story to this address, you might have to put up with my begging and pleading to make it public, but your story will be safe with me and not told to anyone unless I have your approval. See the Contacts and Submissions page for the links to all of the specific types of emails.

Always remember – this is not a closed little forum tucked back in a safe corner of the internet. This might not become a huge site, but regardless of this site’s size size, Google has a long and deep memory. People from all over the world will read your words and follow your story. Sometimes, that can be a lot more personal information than waving a credit card about. Please be aware of how much detail you go into – your tale will help give courage and support to our fellow cancer family, but it might not be family reading your story. You should keep this in mind whether you’re posting your story here or on your own blog – don’t say anything you don’t want your boss, priest or mom to read. If you do, just make sure they can’t recognize you. :)

Spam and Email Addresses

Have no fears about giving me your email address – it won’t be sold, traded, passed along or otherwise pilfered. I hate spam as much as the next person (possibly even more, since I run the email collecting for my personal sites as well as my day-to-day job), and you won’t be seeing any from us. I need your email address for a number of reasons, depending upon your situation:

  • If you’re ordering a shirt, I’ll need it to give you shipping information and to contact you in case of any problems.
  • If you’re sending me an email through the site, I need a way to reply back to you, either to let you know I received your submission and tell you when it will be on the site, or to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • At the moment, I don’t have much of a need for sending out any kind of mass-mailings to people. If, in the future, I do (maybe telling people about upcoming cancer support events in the world or an upcoming appearance on Jerry Springer), I will send one email to anyone I’ve corresponded with. This email will announce whatever kind of mailing list I’ve set up and for what reason and give you a link to sign up for that list. Your email address will not be automatically added to any mailing list I decide to come up with in the future. You’ll just get one notification that the mailing list now exists and for what purpose, and you’ll receive no other emails from anyone at CiMB about that sort of thing unless you specifically register for it at that later date.

So there you have it. The only times you’ll be getting emails from us here at CiMB are if you order t-shirts, are corresponding with us, or have specifically signed up for some mailing list we don’t even have yet.