Important Threads from the Hodge Forum

As many of you know, I’m a relatively active member on the WebMagic Hodgkin’s Disease Forum. Over the years, we’ve had many important posts, both informational and inspirational, that we like to refer new members to. It can sometimes be difficult for us to locate some of the older posts to “bump” them up for the new folks, so I threw together this little page so we’d always have an easy place to go and find the appropriate older posts.

Each of these is a direct link over to the post on the Hodge Forum, and the posts have been created (and replied to) by several different people. I make no claims of any kind of authorship or the following information, unless it happens to be one of my actual posts (Moondoggie22). We have a great and helpful community, and I just want it known that these are the community’s resources and information – not mine.

If you found this page through Google or somesuch and you have the Hodge or are in any way affected by it, I highly recommend that you go over there and get an account. It’s free, and it’s the best group of Hodgers you’ll ever run into, guaranteed.

The “101” Posts

The “Informational” Posts

The “Points to Ponder” Posts

The “Inspirational” Posts

The “You’re Not Alone” Posts