About CiMB

Hey everyone. I’m currently restructuring the site, as I want to get my Grand Idea out into the world and get this whole movement started now. Unfortunately, the rest of my life has getting in the way. So rather than wait until I can do everything at once, I’ve cobbled together the basics of where I’m going with Cancer is My Bitch.

One of the main ideas behind The Idea is that normal, average, everyday people are beating cancer – you don’t have to be a superhero. It took me a couple of weeks of exhaustion, trying to be everything to everyone before I realized that I was killing myself by ignoring my basic tenet: “You don’t have to be Superman.”

Realizing this has helped me take a step back and re-examine all of the things that were so urgent and important and just let some things go. I’m now a little more rested, and my workday is back down to twelve hours or so. Now I can re-focus my energy towards the Grand Idea and get this show on the road. But since I am indeed not Superman, the Idea will be coming out in bits and pieces, rather than all at once. Keep tuning in, as eventually, this will be a brand new, sparkling place.

For those friends and family who just come here for my blog, you can still read it right here. I still haven’t updated it yet, but if you look at some of the links on this page, you’ll see why. I’ll get back to writing in it soon, I promise. For everyone else, on with the show!

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