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It’s not Art.

March 24th, 2006

I had one of those “stuck behind an idiot in the faster lane” revelations this morning on the way to work. Basically I have a new second mantra that deals with the non-cancerous portion of my life.

Let’s go back a bit. You see, I have ADD. One of the symptoms of this is getting very easily overwhelmed by things. At least for me, that’s a biggie. One of the ways I do this is by paying attention to all of the little miniscule details of things, especially anything creative. Then, if I have more than one creative thing to get done, I see all of these miniscule details, shut down and don’t do anything.

It’s not Art.

That’s what I’ve decided to start trying to tell myself. I realized this morning that I always take some Higher Approach to anything creative I do, like it’s going to wind up in MoMA or something. Photography, woodworking, sewing, programming, designing, writing… I never quite do these things for myself. There’s always this Other who will eventually see and judge everything I do. Why? Because it’s Art!


So now I’m going to try to leap over this huge mental obstacle of mine so I can actually get things done and possibly enjoy doing them.

That would be quite a change.

I have this image of styrofoam in my head

December 21st, 2002

Two little facts of life occurred to me today:

1) If your girlfriend makes you wonderful cookies with powdered sugar on the top, don’t take them back to your computer to eat. The slightest puff of air from your face, be it nose or mouth, will coat your keyboard with a light white powder.

2) One of the more disgusting feelings in the world is to be convinced that a glass is full of Sprite and realize in mid-gulp that it’s ordinary water. I have no problems drinking water, but when you’re expecting bubbly and sweet you’ll probably do a Danny Kaye spit-take too.

A thought on thanking

December 18th, 2002

After writing the aforementioned email to Patrick (no, not Patrick Stewart – keep guessing), I realized that I did a lot of thanking in the email and the added one on this site. Well, maybe not an effusive amount, but enough so that I noticed it. Mostly, it’s due to a philosophy change on my part. Well, maybe not a philosophy change. Change of outlook? New goal? Resolution?

My mind is a blank

October 29th, 2002

Well, not a complete blank, but I can’t quite get anything creative to gel in my mind. Bleagh. Maybe I’ll just start writing random things to get it all broken loose. Well, not here, but over in UltraEdit or something. Then again, this is pretty random and all it seems to be doing is make me think about the fact I can’t think about anything.



October 24th, 2002

I know I should be writing. I want to write, I think I have things to write about, but nothing’s coming out of my fingers. Well, except for those words. And those. And those two right there. You get the picture.

I think the big thing that’s stoppering up my fingers right now is insight. I guess you could say I’ve had one of those breakthrough days today. You know, where you see a little deeper into yourself and figure out some little thing that makes you tick? It’s been one of those kinds of days. Well, maybe just the afternoon.