About the Hodgkin’s Army

You might be wondering what that list of names on “Making The Hodge Their Bitch” over there is. Well, I’ve had too many late nights of searching for a particular symptom and stumbling across memorial sites. The worst thing is, I usually wander into the middle of the blog, where everything’s new or going well. Then I start reading and get caught up in their story. I start to notice similarities between their stories and mine. Lots of similarities. Then I come up on that last post.

“We’re sad to tell you that last night, he/she lost their battle.”

Now, I’m all for remembering those who passed and the bravery and courage they had in facing down their demons. It’s good that we have those websites out there to remember those dearly departed warriors. However, that is not the kind of thing you need to be reading at 3 in the morning when you’re wondering why your nose has suddenly started bleeding.

After stumbling into one too many of those sites, I decided I’d do my part to help out my fellow hodgepodgers. The people you see on this list are various people around the world who also have Hodgkin’s and are also kicking its ass. They might be in the early stages of the fight, or they might have won the battle years ago. Whichever the case, they deserve some time in the limelight here. I’m not the only badass around, you know.

Want to join the Hodgkin’s Army?

One good thing is, there are a lot more survivors of Hodgkin’s disease than there were in the olden days. The flip side of that is, more survivors also means more people are still getting this thing. If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed and are blogging your experiences, please let me know on the form below and I’ll add you to the list.

The only requirements for being added to the list are:

  • The author of the site is either fighting The Hodge or has already won the battle. While we honor and respect those who have passed because of this disease, this is a list meant to show the newbies that they can get through to the other side. Also, I realize there are loads of other cancers out there, but hey – I have Hodgkin’s so I’m partial to it. Eventually I might make new lists for other cancers. For now, it’s just us Hodgies.
  • The author has written about their experience somewhere on their website in a place that new people can find relatively easily. It’s great if you’ve beaten Hodgkin’s Disease, but if you don’t write about it or don’t have an easy way to get to what you’ve written about your experiences, it’s not going to do our new guys a lot of good.
  • Recent updates are important. Even though the last post says you’re doing great, the last post is in 2003. That could mean you’ve either moved on with your life or something bad has happened. A small, updated “I’m still kicking” post would be great to keep us at ease.

Also, if you’re already on the list and either want off the list or need to correct your name, just let me know below.

Stay strong, stay brave, and I’ll see you on the other side of this thing.